The cism: your hostel in the heart of Martinique


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« The CENTRE INTERNATONAL DE SEJOUR (CIS) MARTINIQUE , association of law 1901 to nonprofit. »

Our association has, with this establishment, complete the offer of accommodation in Martinique through an opening on associative, social and family tourism.

The CENTRE INTERNATONAL DE SEJOUR MARTINIQUE offers a flexible and cost-effective formula combining accommodation,
catering, entertainment, in a framework for bringing peoples and cultures.

Equipped with 144 beds in 66 rooms, our hotel aims to offer associations, communities, sports leagues, educational world, businesses, a hosting opportunity to their guests in comfortable conditions and attractive is intended to be:
– A space of encounter and exchange between citizens of the world,
– A privileged youth home, groups or individuals,
– A crossroads of cultural expression between visitors and locals.The CENTRE INTERNATONAL DE SEJOUR MARTINIQUE, is a member of the Ethic Etapes network.

ETHIC ETAPES is caring and responsible spirit, the meeting and exchange as a principle of action.