Practical info


Light clothes rigor. Remember hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.


The time difference between Martinique and France is hexagonal – 5h 6h in winter and in summer. When 14h in Fort de France, it is 20h hours in Paris in summer and 22h in winter.
Flying time: about 8 hours from Paris to 7000km.


Martinique, French department of America (972) obey the same administrative rules that France Hexagonal. An identity card is sufficient for travel to the French Antilles, for French citizens. For foreigners, a valid passport is sufficient.


 The currency is the Euro (€), as in France Hexagon!
Off-site checks are almost always refused (except travel checks).
Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere and especially allow you to withdraw money at ATMs.


 – Samu, Tél : 05 96 75 15 75 ou le 15
– Fire,  Tél: 18
– Police Relief  Tél: 17
– Rescue at Sea (CROSSAG), Tél : 05 96 70 92 92 – 05 96 63 24 50
– SOS Doctor, – Tél : 05 96 63 33 33
– Emergency Doctors (Hôpital Clarac), Tél : 05 96 59 46 43


You will find more and more Internet Cafes in Fort-de-France and in many municipalities that have established Internet Basics dedicated primarily to educational and job seekers. Apply direct to the town halls to know the opening hours to the public.
Wifi access
More and more areas (bar, restaurant, hotels …) offer wireless access.



 The best choice for even a few days to visit the island. You can book before you leave. You mostly have your car available at the airport and sometimes delivered to the hotel.


From Monday to Saturday, minibuses provide a link between the most common of Martinique Fort-de-France. You will know them by their initials TC and the placard indicating destination, stuck to the windshield. Rates are advantageous (Fort-de-France in Sainte-Anne € 5.50 / Fort-de-France at Diamond € 3.50) but it is not always easy to find a free place and the wait is often long. Not to mention that after 18h no longer circulates Taxi Co …


You will find at the airport taxi stations in Fort-de-France and feet of some large hotels. Otherwise you can contact one of the companies listed below. The taxis are equipped with meter and apply a surcharge of 40% between 20H and 06H am, and on Sundays and holidays.

Indicación de Precio: 25 € y 40 € ( dependiendo del tráfico y la hora )

Taxis Aéroport: 0596 42-16-66.
Martinique Taxis 24h/24: 0596 63-63-62.
Radios Taxis Services 24h/24: 0596 63-10-10.


A shuttle boat service connects Fort de France a few municipalities in the south of Martinique. Very practical to avoid traffic jams, the boat connections are becoming very enjoyable.